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    R12X frozen throttle

    2003 R12X frozen throttle. Cable is ok. Suggestions? Thanks

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    What does ‘frozen’ mean?

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    I can't pull the throttle lever. I thought it was the cable but its not. I disconnected the cable and could move the inner cable freely within its housing. Something is stopping the throttle from opening. The handlebar lever is fine too. Never experienced this problem before and I have had this R12X since new, original owner. Thanks.

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    My guess is the stainless steel throttle blade is stuck against the wall of the aluminum housing. You can free it with several applications of wd40. Your going to need to remove the intake hose from airbox so you can look directly at the blade for next step Spray some on, let it sit, a few minutes, do it again, repeat a few times. While twisting the actual throttle linkage on the side with one hand, gently push with your finger on edge of throttle blade. It should break free.

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