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    New to the Kawasaki Skis!

    Well! Letís start off on a good note here! I bought a 2003 STX12F and of course because everything I buy has a problem, this one apparently the cluster has gone out of and the ski wonít go over 5mph as a safety thing or something. Just out of sheer curiosity, does anyone happen to have a cluster for sale for this ski or is there a work around to make it run properly until I can get a cluster ordered for it?

    much thanks in advance for any replies!

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    Welcome aboard, Nate!

    I just had to chuckle that everything you buy has a problem! Same here!

    The display shouldn't prevent your 'Ski from running properly, but it will not show you warnings such as overheat, etc.

    Has the 'Ski been sitting for a long time? If so, odds are that the fuel system has gotten gum in it and will have to be thoroughly flushed before it will ever run right. Another common problem on those models is that the electrical connectors get water in the, causing the to corrode badly.

    Do you have a service manual for it?

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