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    04 Polaris MSX 150 No RPM

    This is my first post. Tried to read all I could before, but please forgive me if I missed something.
    Friend of mine needed $. Sold me a 04 MSX 150. 104 hours. Starts and Runs. Both cylinders at 130+ PSI. Up to 3400 RPM in water. Checked cleaned MAP sensors, looked new. Checked cleaned plugs, they were oily. Checked/ cleaned intercooler. It was good. Hoses, turbo spins. No slop. Wastegate not seized. Opens by hand and closes with spring. Checked oil the proper way. Spot on. Coolant looks good. Read a thread that suggested taking the STTp ? Or whatever is called in the back. Took that Off and jumping purple to blue,/ white wire. Did it. Thought I had it. Fired it up and it hit some big RPMs (only ran 10-15 seconds out of water)
    Put it in the water, ran for 1 min up to 30 MPH. Then limp at 1600 RPM . cleaned some seaweed. Not much.
    Read another thread about disconnecting Turbo sensor. Not sure what it is or where it's located. Tried to disconnect one lead, that I assumed it was, but no difference.
    Kinda at a dead end and frustrated. Wish I bought a new model. Not something that's not made anymore and no one will work on. Sorry for complaining, please help. Thanks in advance.

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    You might try unplugging the exhaust temperature sensor, they are known to be flakey, which makes the ECU think that the engine is overheating.

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    1600 is the limit for a over temp situation. As hiperco suggested you can try the one sensor. I have it circled in the photo below. My fear is that with it doing this at higher rpm it could be a head gasket issue.

    have you checked to see that you have coolant flow back to the expansion tank while its running?
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    Update PPU/TPS
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