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    2015 Kawasaki ultra 310lx bogging out

    So I bought a 2015 Kawasaki ultra 310LX from auction took it to the shop and had a diagnostic ran shop said i needed to replace throttle bodies tried to charge me 1500 dollars went on eBay bought one for 200 bucks, after installing it the jet ski fired up ran smooth on trailer rpms rev all the way up and it would make boost. When i put it in the water it will run fine up to 10 mph but as soon as you try to send it some times it would take off like a bat out of hell, but then it will bog out in a couple seconds and some times cut off . But i fired right back up so went back to the shop told me it was the ecu replaced the ecu with the kspeed ecu and also bought a new fuel pump just in case and swapped it all out when i put back in the water it did the same thing. So i took ski back home replace cam sesnsor, crankshaft sensor, oil switch, took fuel rails apart and cleaned injectors. Put back in the water still had the same results. But i notice when i would play with the throttle buy opening it up and closing it it would speed up but i had to keep going back and forth very fast with the trigger. I could get it up to 40 until my hands hurt. Iím stuck now called Kwai performance and was told to check the belt and intercooler when i did that the belt seemed to have good tension on it but when i took intercooler apart it was very dirty i filled water lines caped one side off and put 20 psi the inter cooler would get some water in it but it was very slow leak could this be the reason my jet ski is bogging out it feels like its going limp mode i have no codes and my compression on my cylinder is 150. I am tired of throwing money at this ski.
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    Welcome aboard, Frederick!

    By any chance have you looked at the exhaust filter?

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    I have removed the stock exhaust and replace it with brand new Rivera racing exhaust with the cat delete

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    Without being there it is hard to answer, the electronics of this ski are quite reliable.
    your intercooler doesn`t look to good.
    I would of looked at the belt and tensioner first, I would remove the tensioner and make sure its not seized.

    Here is a video on how to do it.
    i`m sure he is a member here , he has great videos.
    Is the boost dropping when you take off ?
    Is there water in the hull ?
    when this happen to me the hose that runs from the jet to the motor , the one that runs under the pulley where the belt is split , ( its quite common ) water went on the belt and it would take off and then bog.

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