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    2003 Ultra 130DI Performance Issues

    Hello. I have a 2003 Ultra 130DI that I am trying to help fix for a friend. The ski will generally run well and out of the water, connected to a hose, it will rev out to 7k with no problem. When I get it on a lake and mash the throttle, it will fairly quickly run up to 45mph (gauge indicated) and around 6000rpm but no further. If I keep holding the throttle, it will slowly creep down to around 5000rpm and 35mph. It fluctuates within these parameters constantly while riding. If I go back down to idle and then go back to wot, it will keep going up to 6k and then slowly back down. It also feels extremely low on power when spinning it around and then trying to take off again. In general it just feels quite sluggish. I know that I can start replacing things by trial and error (ie, plugs, fuel filter, etc.) but wondered if there were certain things that I can easily and cheaply test to rule out. I have never seen a warning light on the cluster. Any ideas or help is appreciated.

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    Could be a number of things. Try riding with the seat off. Perhaps you have an exhaust leak that is filling the engine bay with fumes. Perhaps a plugged fuel filter and/or plugged sock on the electric fuel pump.

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    Check engine compression before you do much else. If good, the TPS could have issues. Check other things also, as noted above.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to order a compression test kit to verify compression. Do you know what the compression should be on this engine? As to the exhaust fumes, would that still cause problems on a fuel injection engine? I understand how that can affect carb motors but the air intake is in the top of the nose of this ski so I'm not sure how exhaust would even get into the intake. The intake hose doesn't appear to have any leaks but perhaps I should take it off and inspect it closer? I have new plugs and fuel filter coming for it also so I will try to get it out to the lake after replacing those items. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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