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    "Traveling" Stalker Radar Display for Events

    I would like to purchase a triple digit stalker radar display for speed runs....however, I can't fork out another grand on my own.

    SOoooooooooooooooooooooo, i thought I would throw this out on the table...

    You boys doing the Mud bug...and anyother events where we KNOW reputable forum members are involved...would you all like to get involved with a group buy on a display? The display would be housed at (perhaps) one of 3-4 peoples homes for use at testing sites and events. When an event is comming up one of the 4 guys would ship the display to one of the other 4 involved with that event.

    Some name that come to mind for "holding" the display are Greenhulk, JD-1, myself, and perhaps one of the fountain boys for their lake anna event. it should be fully understood that the display holder will be completetely responsible for its well being. obviously...if it gets dunked in the water it is an accident. however, it would need to be guarded againts theft and mis-use.

    all the guns used would need the data port...which mine has.

    Obviously if we can get 20 people to fork out 50 bucks that would cover the cost...last time i called stalker i could get a used triple digit display for around a grand. we could get a double digit display for a little less....but now with triple digits fast fun would it be to have a double digit display flip to 00 instead of 100 for all to see....

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    You could probably get insurance for it as well.

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