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    Polaris 1200 camshaft bearing replacement

    How or if at all can u get to the mid pass bearings I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on this matter

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    The 1200 is a 2 stroke and has no camshaft.

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    oh noooooooo not another triple ya i dont know what its called in the service manual its labled the labyrinth sounds cool but isnt so cool in real life

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    I believe you're referring to the crankshaft... those bearings will need some fancy tools and a hydraulic press to remove and change. It's definitely not for the regular DIY project. I just had mine sent out and rebuilt....I'm a guy who usually tackles everything, but sometimes... somethings are just better to let the experts take care of it.

    Here's what the fancy tool kit looks like.

    Here's an Ebay post for a crank rebuild
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