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    Solas impeller front seal, boot O-ring or is it needed?

    Hi all,
    I had my RXT 300 2021 out today and I felt a slight vibration, it quickly went away, but I decided to investigate anyway. It turned out that my solas impeller boot (SLA012) had unthreaded and was loose. The O-ring that is located on the aft side (threaded) is no longer there. I need a replacement o ring before a planed trip this week.
    Question: Where can I get a Solas O-ring quickly or will a generic O-ring from a local auto store work?
    I also saw a post that stated you don't need a drive shaft boot, is that true? I did notice some corrosion on the drive shaft and pump housing.

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    Any o-ring will do, however I would either loc-tite it on or better yet run the factory rubber cone

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    You do not need the impeller nose cone.

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    Hate to disagree with Jerry but I would use the cone to help keep the grease in. Especially in salt/sand conditions. Had problems keeping them tight with loctite. Started using rtv silicone on the threads, hand tight and let dry overnight. No probs since and comes apart easy if need be. With or without oring.

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    With a flat head screw driver, tap across the threads on the cone to make small dents at 4 or 5 locations around it. Add red loctite and tighten it down. No more problems..

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