Hello Everyone,

Do you know if Yamaha ships new PWC with oil or does the dealer put the oil in?

I made a post a month or so ago when I performed the 10 hour and I took out 3.5l and replaced 3.5l but noticed it was reading basically at the max line still. I'm wondering if the dealer puts the oil in? I made sure to use a level before checking the dipstick.

I ran it like this for about 5 hrs and in my paranoia just took it out to check the filter and the intake pipe that runs from box to supercharger. The intake pipe had a light residue on it but nothing major. There was nothing in the Filter box. I ended up taking some oil out so I'm interested to see at the end of the season if that same residue is in the intake pipe with oil reading near middle of min/max. Regardless, it was so minimal that I doubt I would even notice any major loss in performance....let alone a charger or intercooler issue for a long time. I don't want to start anything with my dealer but just curious if anyone knows if the manufacturer or dealer puts it in.

One more question....I've been using 93 octane from the get go. If I go to 91 octane will I notice any significant performance difference? I know the manual and ski say minimum 91. I do love to launch so I'm wondering if that's where I would see the difference.