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    Proper Way to Set Slip on Supercharger (137 wheel)

    QUESTION: Does it matter which bolt you turn to set supercharger clutch slip--either the impeller cap nut (A in attachment) or the hex nut on the clutch (P in attachment)? I have seen it done both ways. Obviously, the gear holding tool is used to hold the gear in place when setting slip.

    Second time installing a 137 wheel on my 2006 RXT 215. First go around end up with the shaft shearing (see link below). The little info I can find on this type of failure indicates that the slip is set too high. If so, I want to avoid doing so.

    I purchased a new 137 wheel from Greenhulk and am using a new OEM supercharger rebuild kit. Also using the Riva (McMaster) slip washers (soaked in oil for installation). Riva instructions state slip should be 14-15 foot pounds. Some forum postings recommend setting at 16 pounds, knowing break in will bring the slip to 15 foot pounds.

    Thanks for the help.
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    These aren’t like the newer superchargers. Both nuts must be torqued to a fixed value. I believe off hand it’s 22lbft and 24lbft respectively. To change the slip moment change the spring washer configuration and/or add shims. In mine I used the factory configuration with a .2mm shim.

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    You'll need a shim or shims to get it right. I set slip to 16 lbft or slightly higher.

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    Your shaft probably broke because the hex nut on the clutches was over torqued.

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    Cap "A" will have ZERO impact on the slipping moment. That is all controled at the rear nut and washers. You could remove Cap A and the slipping moment would be unaffected. If your using that to set slipping, leave your SC alone.

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    Thanks for info. Appears I misunderstood the (lack of) directions in the shop manual.
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