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Thread: Fuel Problem ?

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    Fuel Problem ?

    hi after a long run with hight rpm i lost around 400-500 rpm now... on the next day as well...

    8800-9000 now 8400 rpm, clutch is new 1 Hours... i was not running in chop... but i ran out of fuel on that day and i came straingt whistle sound...after trying to start arounf 5 times... i got towed back and put fuel back in... the whistle sound was there for then 5 sec and then i was gone...

    maybe the fuel pump is trash now what u think ?

    any experiance with killing an fuel pump when running out of fuel and trying to start a few times ?

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    Check engine compression just to be on the safe side running out of fuel can create a lean condition and inspect the burn of the spark plugs. Most likely the fuel pump is ok but any sediment in the tank may have collected in the fuel pump filter restricting flow.

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    compression is good i checkt already. spark plugs look good i changed also already.
    ok i will take the Pup module out and check for dirt on the Pickup filter there....

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    so took the fuel pump out, fuel filter at the pump look like new... i will test the fuel pressure as next and then will see...

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    so fuel pressure at idle with cold engine is 40 PSI... i do have an 21 FX i got here 40 PSI as well... ? per Manual should be at 50 PSI...
    do the engine needs to be warm when testen ? bootn engines were cold at idle...

    any advice ?

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