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    2012 rxtx 260 intercooler condensation killed another throttle body

    Hi guys,

    So its been a few hot days over here in Vancouver, Canada. It seems that every time I start the engine, a bunch of condensation from the intercooler gets fed into the intake. In fact, sometimes it causes the engine to stall and die (if started on the water after leaving it for 20+ mins). Here is a video of the amount of condensation that comes out, this was after a long ride and parking it for 1 week. Note, I have pressure tested the intercooler many times to ENSURE it is not leaking. It holds 40 PSI for 10 mins, and while holding 40 PSI, I filled the air side with water to double check if there are any air bubbles escaping; nothing.

    Do you 260/300 guys with the external intercooler get this much condensation? This is the second throttle body that it killed, seems like once the water touches the throttle body, it is just a matter of time before it dies. One potential lead is that I noticed there is a little bit of water in my hull, possibly from a worn carbon seal? Would that cause the hull to have high humidity, thus, condensation building up in the intake on the intercooler core? Any help would be grateful! TIA!

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    Its normal. My fizzle 1000 has its days as well with condensation more so on cold days then hot days out..

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