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    Yamaha VX1100 Deluxe Code 19 low voltage 11.8v

    Yamaha VX1100AD 2005

    Hello Dear friends! So I changed the oil, oil filter and the battery before starting the jet for the season, because the old one was dead (wasn't charging at all) and rode the jet in the water for good 40-50mins with no problems at all. After that I got warning and check engine light. When I checked the error code it was code 19 (incorrect voltage) and I started the jet again to check the voltage and it was 11.8V no matter the RPM's, when I turned off it was 12.3V. The next day I checked the wiring to the battery and tightened it. When I started the jet it gave me around 13.2V for 10sec, so I turned it off and went riding again. Unfortunately the volts steadily started dropping again to 11.8V riding and 12.3V turned off. I checked the wiring to the rectifier and I saw that it looks melted. Any ideas what should I do and where to start from? I am a newbie so please handle with care.

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    Check your battery connections for corrosion, connections on the cables and battery should be shiny when tightening battery bolts a 10mm socket is best the bolts should be tight enough that wiggling the cable side to side dose not loosen the connection then spray battery terminal protectant onto the connections. A loose or corroded connection can cause the regulator rectifier to work overtime. Good charging voltage should be 13.5 to 14.5. That cooked plug will have to be repaired looking on the part diagram it appears that it only comes with the complete wire harness perhaps someone here on the forum will know where to source the parts for the repair without buying a harness.

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    Could be wiring harness for sure. But also rectifier or stator (similar to alternator on a car) Hope for the harness or rectifier because replacing the stator is major job with pulling the engine out.

    You can check peak voltage readings for which of the three is the issue. My 2005 needed a stator last season which was unfortunate.

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    Thank you for the replies guys! I am buying a new rectifier and will update soon about the outcome!

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    Hello guys! As promised I am back with the outcome and it looks like it is not from the rectifier. I got a multimeter and both old and new rectifier show the same results with the diode measurements. Furthermore the jet showed the same low volts after 40 50 mins of riding. It is either the cooked cable or the stator. Will try to fix that harness to begin with . Fingers crossed will do the trick.

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