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    2008 Ultra 250 rebuild

    I have a 2008 Ultra with a bad motor. Supercharger is still good. Was thinking about rebuilding from the ground up. Is it possible to make this an 80-90MPH Ski?

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    No... Not unless you put a 500+ hp motor in it, then it still may only go upper 70s... part it out and get a Yamaha...

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    While I don't agree with Aquaholic's recommendation of switching to Yamaha, the Ultra 250 really is a lost cause.

    The Ultra 310 is a much better 'Ski than the 250. From what I've read, it can be modded to hit 80 MPH, but I haven't done it.

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    The hull on all the supercharged ultras is pretty identical but itís a tough hull to get over 72-75mph. The existing supercharger may be worth a little if itís on perfect shape. Iíd probably convert it over to an Ultra LX. Good all around ski with nice open water handling and a reliable power plant. But it will top out around low 50ís.

    If you want to go 80-90 itís just plane easier to start with a seadoo or Yamaha.

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