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    Can I remove and block off 2003 GTX limited supercharger?

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX limited that runs very well however the supercharger does not engage so I'm left at about 50 mph gps. I do have the rebuild kit as well as the specialty tools for the supercharger but I found a buyer who actually does not want it supercharged if possible. He's an older gentleman who will be using it and letting his grandchildren ride it. He's perfectly okay in the 45 mph to 55 mph range. I realize this is a lower compression motor then the naturally aspirated version so I am fully expecting nothing more than about 50 mph really. Just wondering if there is anything, mechanically speaking, that makes this not okay to do? His goal is fuel economy and ultimately does not want to have the maintenance or other hazards possible with a supercharger for his grandchildren.

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    This is not feasible. The ECU mapping is for a supercharged engine, compression is much lower than a naturally aspirated engine, impeller pitch is for a supercharged engine. The ski will run very poorly without the supercharger, nowhere near 50 mph.

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    It needs fixed properly (if the washers didn't already trash the engine) then the kids can ride it with the LEARNERS key.

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