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    I guess I must have an air leak. Will put gasket sealer around the base plates of the reeds and carbs. They looked pitted from the salt so itís got to be leaking there. The complete engine gasket set from sbt did not come with new gaskets for the reeds and that silver plate that holds them in. Anyone know where I can see torque specs?

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    So for tonight’s update—- I stripped everything apart again and found my accelerator cable way to tight that it was actually pulling. And then I found that my rear carb accelerator pump nozzle was not squirting. The front carb was. So I stuck some wire in there and Unstuck it and now it’s squirting again. I sealed the reeds and everything up to the carb. There really should be no leaks now. I will test tomorrow night. So as of now I have re enabled the accelerator pump and witnessed that my pv does rotate when the rpms increase. With all that said I hopefully should have a working ski now. The only thing I don’t know is if the 130psi in both cylinders is enough.

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    So I started it up tonight but it took a long time. The only thing that got it started was squeezing the accelerator 10 times and then it fired right up and idled perfect just under 3000rpm. Didn’t hesitate whatsoever and was smooth. So that’s a good sign. Next time it’s in the water and hopefully good to go.

    While I was battling to start it, it was sounding like it wasn’t getting fuel. It’s was cranking a little faster. What would have caused it to need the accelerator to be triggered. After it did start then each time I killed it, it would instantly start.

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    So it runs in the water just fine as in idling and taking off. But I got no top speed. Won’t go over 39mph. And won’t rev over 5k. This seems to be what everyone is going through. Really can’t figure out what it is unless there’s some sort of secondary stage on the power valves that open more and that part is not working. So happy that I can take off though now. Throttle is very responsive when I’m trying to go through the no wake zones so it’s not like it’s bogging down from low idle. Starts up fine too. What could it be!! ??? Compression 130 both cylinders. So lost now

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    These are my plugs after returning to the dock low speed. Left is front and right is rear. Got 1 more mph today

    i tried slightly pulling the choke at wot and it just wants to die. I also wanted to mention that even with 2 people on the ski it still goes the same speed.
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    Ride with the seat off and make a marker (zip tie or something) on the power valve wheel to see if it's actually engaging. The servo check that you hear initially may not indicate functionality in the proper RPM range for engagement.

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    New update: finally got to ride with the seat off. Confirmed that the power valves are not opening when riding at 5000 rpm. They still cycle when the engine turns off. So I disconnected the cables and went back out and manually turned it counter clockwise. While running 5k rpms at about 40mph the Rpms just drop and it wants to die. The valves are easy to turn with the ski off but then while it’s running I can feel the vacuum pulling on the valves. When I turn them and let go they just shut again. But now why would it die and why is it not getting signal to open? At least I’m making progress

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