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    1995 seedoo gtx , input, please

    So, picked up a used 1995 seedoo gtx,
    Replace empeller bearings, wear ring was good, was hard starting, add a few drops in cylinder, start up, go ride in water 2 to 3 hours. Good, no issue.

    I rebuilt carbs, lines were good, compression 110 each cylinder, hear that a tad low.

    Rpm was off, set it, to 3,000.

    Went out other day, died in water no restart, get towed back.

    Took carbs off, check filter, realized, setting was 2.5 on screws, each carb, I see spec said 1. 1/4. I set at 1.5, I didn't tinker with them before.

    so, starts right up, made sure injection line back on and was right, 1 turn counter, so has tension. Starts up, right away, with out use of gas in cylinder. Yaa.
    Let run maybe 15 seconds, it suddenly stops, like, did it just lock up. Man.
    Now, can't turn flywheel by hand, slow crank w starter.

    Think it just went on me.

    no idea why,

    spec says 1. 1/4, was at 2.5 but previous owner. So I set to spec, was likely why wouldn't start without first a drop in the cylinder.

    Just like, now it dead shuts off, and in betting it locked up or partially.

    any suggestions?

    many places, want u core for the crank, I'm guessing the crank bearing or seals went?

    Maybe because it was use to 2.5 out, but that was not correct, and I turned it in 1, per specs, and for the first time. It started right up, only to do that 15 seconds later.
    And I know I had injection re connected right.
    Input ?

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    I did notice, the bigger oil line by exhaust, was pinched, not sure when it happened. Could this have caused it ? Just tried starting, just won't turn over fast enough, and I checked spark. Anything to try, before pulling engine? And where to get a crank ? Everyone wants a core,

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    the big oil line by the exhaust is the return line from the rotary valve gear. possible those bearing have sized, although the gear usually shreds first

    possible starter problem, I'd go there first

    you could pull the heads or stick a camera in there to see if the engine has sized. check the ends of the plugs under a magnifying glass to check for aluminum debris

    if the engine is slow turning even with he plugs out put a voltmeter on the hot side of the starter solenoid and check the voltage when ranking.

    sub 10v means the engine has high drag and the starter motor is stalling. now you're pulling heads to inspect then the engine

    you can often find crank cores on ebay for $50-100 and yup everybody wants cores, new cranks are just cost prohibitive for a 25 year old ski

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    Thank you for the advice and input I will look into the starter I see no damage on top piston ring or cylinder wall no debris 3 and spark plugs I do notice the empeller wear ring it's now tight and there is no gap so I'm wondering if for some reason the wearing got tight or swelled and it's causing the issue . Shout in the dark but I'm gonna pull that off soon to see. New empeller bearing and shaft last month, so seen small gap before, now I don't.
    ever seen or heard of that ? I could be wrong, but visual look, it looks now tight in there. Odd.

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    that's important info regarding the pump

    if the rubber liner for the wearing came loose in the pump it could certainly cause this problem. a good flashlight up the pump tunnel should show the overall condition. The underlying material is tan in color, the liner is rubber and all black

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    I just see black, but does look like I see a 1/8 gap with end of wear ring to edge of housing, as if it moved forward versus flush, so maybe it came loose and spinning with propeller. Will know. After work, take off.

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    I discovered that the bearing Was locked up on the prop. and the problem now even though I just replaced it a few months ago I must not have done it right so fires right up as it should once I pulled off the prop ordered a new kit

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