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    2010 gtx starts but in limp mode. What's next

    2010 gtx 155

    P0523 engine code.....I read that it's the oil pressure sensor .would this cause limp mode?

    Starts right up makes loud rumble for few seconds then idles fine...

    Stuck in limp mode...what's next.....

    70 hours

    175 175 180 compression that's good.

    Shop put in new

    Wear ring and impeller

    Timing chain


    Oil change kit x2

    Gasket set

    Head bolts

    Chain guide

    Spark plugs

    Left hand fixing plate and right hand.

    What's next step ????

    U guys want a video?

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    Next step is oil sensor I'll go get one tomorrow

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    Is there a way to test oil pressure?

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    Yes, you can install a gauge on the cylinder head, near the main cooling hose coming off it. There is a 1/4" threaded cap there.

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    I was just reading on that thanks. The plug looks alot bigger the quarter inch...more like 3/4

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    Dear god, time to find a new shop dude. The error code clearly tells you what the issue is and nothing they touched is related to it. There's an oil pressure switch which tells the ECU if a specific oil pressure has been reached. If that switch is not triggered, by oil pressure, than ECU goes into limp mode as you're experiencing.

    They need to look at the oil pressure switch which is located at the base of the oil filter housing towards the intake manifold, you can replace it yourself. If it's not the switch than the oil pressure regulator has to be looked at, it's located at the bottom of the PTO cover.

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    I'm getting the oil pressure sensor tomorrow hopefully and replacing it my self

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    Dude I bought it from jump started it with a running truck?

    Is the ecu fried?

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    Fixed the codes.

    By changing the oil pressure sensor and earned the map sensor.

    Took it out today ran for 45 min no problems

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    Congratulations on the repair. Wish mine was that easy.

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