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    GP1200r to GP1300r Conversion Questions

    Hello, I currently have my 2001 GPR torn down for a few different maintenance items. Have it turn all the way down with the heads off, and I'm throwing OEM carb kits in them as well. It's currently Riva stage 2 with a Riva stinger exhaust and solas 13/19.

    I have all of the parts from a 1300r I was planning for a different rebuild, but started thinking about swapping this one over instead. Cylinders, proex pistons, power valves, head, etc.

    What sort of performance gains do people see converting one over?

    Also, what jetting do people use? I've seen a few different numbers posted but nothing confirmed. Thanks in advance

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    Essentially trying to see if it's worth the upgrade, and jetting numbers

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    Here's what I'm planning on currently. Any input would be appreciated, especially with the pop-off.

    115 Pilots
    130 Mains
    1.5 N/s
    80 Gram Spring (38psi pop off) - Also considering 95g, which would put it around 43psi.

    Keeping choke plates, disabling accel pump. Drilling fuel returns with a 95 pilot jet.

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    Fercho was the OG, and my mentor, so read thru here.

    Remember that fuels are different now than back then

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    if you decide to sell those 2005 gp1300r (npv) 60t cylinders let me know

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