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    Taking out my ultra-150 for the first time in a while

    I am planning on taking my 2001 ultra 150 out for the first time in a while. It got a complete engine rebuild about 2.5 Yrs ago and has been ran a couple times but has sat in storage for about 2 years. Wondering what I should do other than drain/clean out the fuel and oil tank?

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    I would start off by recharging the battery. Then remove the spark plugs and turn the motor over with the fuel off. I recommend doing that just in case the motor filled with gas or oil while sitting it can escape through the spark holes. I would try to get as much oil and gas out of the tanks as possible and fill them with fresh stuff. I would start off using 50:1 premix in the gas tank to make sure the oil lines are purged of any air that may have accumulated while sitting. It is also a good idea to inspect the oil lines to make sure none popped off and they are not brittle. Hopefully the pump isn't locked up. That can happen from sitting especially if the ski was used in salt water.

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    After sitting for 2 years without a proper winterization and fuel stabilizer I would be opening the carbs to clean them out. 2 years is a long time for ethanol to sit with no stabilizer. you probably have some gunk in the carbs

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