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    Trouble with 2015 yamaha fzs

    Yesterday I took my 2015 fzs to local lake after sitting idle for last two years. It had possibly 10 gallons fuel 93 octane which I was concerned about so I added another 5 gallons of fresh fuel. It started ok but was very sluggish and hit or miss to get on plane. After seemingly getting cleaned out it ran ok for several trips around lake. I stopped and attempted another run from idle and again was sluggish hit or miss but cleaned out and ran ok for another few laps. I then parked it at shoreside for about 1-2 hours. Upon starting again it went dead several times and then would not rev much past idle or get on plane missing badly. Is this the result of the old fuel in tank? If so what is best way to remove it? Would a change of spark plugs help? the original plugs have never been changed. Any advice is appreciated. Bill Roberts

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    I would change the spark plugs if you haven't.

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    Your symptoms sound similar to what I had, although to a higher degree.

    I would pump the old fuel out, see if that helps, along with new plugs.

    This post may be of use to you:

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    Thanks for the excellent replies. Changing out the plugs may be the easiest solution to try first.

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    I had the same issue with mine a couple of weeks ago. Used a can of Sea Foam fuel treatment and towards the end of the day it ran much better that it did at the start. Next trip out will get another can of Sea Foam, topped off with fresh fuel, and new spark plugs.

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    Thanks for that advice jw1!

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