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    2021 STX-160LX Air Box

    Good evening,
    Quick question. Does the air box on the STX-160 mount tightly to the metal bracket or does it have some play and allow for some movement?

    The bolts that attach the bracket to the air box seem to have a thread or two space and will not tighten down any more.


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    I really don't have a clue, but I really don't think it should be loose. I would suspect that the factory put in screws that were too long.

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    Thanks Steve 45. I just put a rubber washer between the filter box and the bracket and called it good. Maybe there were some when I took it off? I do not recall. I had put Riva power filter on and removed the box, but ended up with oil spittle from the oil separation vent in the bilge. I was not a fan, so on went the stock airbox. Engine oil is not overfilled, so not sure what that was all about, oh well.

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