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    Thar she blows !!!!

    Hello all new member here with an unusual problem.
    I've got a 2013 Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX with 29 hours.
    I have sea here's the form for a similar problem with no luck. I also have a service manual but this problem is not listed anywhere.
    Ski has been visually trouble free until now.
    So out on the lake the other day, was running at wot, runs like a scalded ape. So I let off the throttle, then get back on it, it started popping and running really bad. Remove the seat to find the hose going to blow relief valve blown out where it hooks to the relief valve. I had some slack cut and reinstall hose. Back out on lake wot, let off then back on the throttle and again acts up.
    So this time a trip to AutoZone for some temporary flexible radiator hose. Install , back on lake and same thing only this time the hose from the intercooler to relief valve blows off.
    Any ideas ???
    Sorry for the long post.
    Thanks for any help advise given.

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    When you did the first and then the second repair, did you also check all the other hose clamps for tightness and correct clamp positioning?

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