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    2010 gtx water in the oil. 70 hours. He wants 2400 would you buy?

    He had it at a shop and they did 1200 bucks of work. He just wants his money back...

    He went and picked it up and saw the oil was milky.

    He got it from a bail on place so he has no pink slip.just paperwork from the bail place.

    He says it has good compression and only 70 hours

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    Milky oil can be as simple as an intercooler leak.

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    Throwing code p1650....

    How do I check compression on these small smark plug holes

    Starts but is loud rumble noise that goes away after few seconds.

    Paid 1800 for the ski and trailer.

    Modesto mechanic put in new wear ring, ne impeller, new timing chain, new head gasket and bolts. Plus few other small things .was total of 1300 for the work no labor charge.

    I can work on old 2 strokes but so far I'm stumped on these 4 strokes.... seems complicated. But I'm engine savvy just need to learn.

    Help me out any way u can please

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    Ibr or whatever seems to be down blocking the jet pump.

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    I walk away anything that isn't running properly or was rebuilt..

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    As Water suggested, check the oil cooler for leaks.

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    Is there a way to clear limp mode

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    Don't be scared of the two strokes. Just made the jump from 2 to 4 over the winter, it's not bad. Tons of info on this site. If I had to guess, it could've been partially sunk and the boil out procedure wasn't completed. I had a similar situation with a GTI 130. Oil was watery and check engine light with a code (although I forget which one), turned out to be a $25 coolant sensor I think. After many, many oil changes and foiling the boil out procedure, she was good to go.

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    So there is no water in the oil. Oil is clean .

    Compression is 175 175 180. Atleast the engine is good...

    Somone did mention they thought it was sunk at one point... what the boil out procedure I'll look into it...

    If it was sunk is there a way to tell?

    Would the computer be bad? The shop he took it to said that's what they would do next and he said not for another 1000 plus bucks

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    Changed the oil pressure sensor.. that check engine code is gone.

    Now it's throwing this code

    P2279. Air intake manifold leak downstream of throttle

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