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    Great tips. My son has a strong prescription and very specific. I looked into the sea-specs. After speaking with a rep we went for sports goggles. He can use them off the ski as well. I bought him swimming goggles with his script. They are now the back up on the ski and in my truck. When wearing them for prolonged time they start to bother him so I went with the googles. I don’t mind spending on quality it’s the absentmindedness that got me. We were specifically going for a ride/lesson and her should have remembered. That’s the part that got me.
    in the end I think he got more out fixing it than riding it. And I have to say I enjoyed the time spent together figuring it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    I will mention that a few feet of stainless chain rode between the Cooper Anchor and the Anchor Buddy (or regular anchor rope) does improve the initial anchor dig in and probably the holding power, especially with a relatively short rode.
    What length anchor buddy do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxr1300 View Post
    What length anchor buddy do you use?
    Hmmm, the longest one?

    I want to say the 30 foot version. That would be the fully extended length.

    Depending on water depth and conditions I sometimes add another length of rope. We carry dock lines in several lengths up to 25 feet. Deeper and/or rougher water means using a longer anchor rode.

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    So I took it out yesterday and was flawless. Ran great.
    Is it recommended that I check the torque on the bolts ?

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    it's always a fine idea to double check everything you've done considering its the first time you've done it.
    it wouldn't hurt and give you solid peace of mind knowing that you accomplished the job.

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    Thanks. I am in Brooklyn BTW, did I read somewhere on here that you are from Brooklyn also?
    Just curious.

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    Yeah, born and grew up in east New York/crown heights/Canarsie

    Just slightly less painful then being named “sue”

    Got my first mechanics job at Carl’s Honda


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    Born in Dyker Heights near the bridge. Raised in Dyker and Staten Island. But spent a lot of time in Canarsie. Gil Hodges Bowling alley with cousins. iHop for breakfast and of coarse Kings Plaza, or how my Italian grandfather used to say Kingsaa Plazzz

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