I constantly have difficulties hooking up. I'm about to swap in a GTX impeller to test because one year they pitched then 15/22 to the stock GSX 16/23. I'm also gonna fill and resurface the wear ring real quick to see if I get better results.

I put in last night and suddenly it just wouldn't hook up period. I heard it pop as it broke suction and that was that. I babe up with this crazy theory about how the engine is making more power after I did some work on it, and now it's overpowering the load of the water and just spinning the impeller. Like if you had 2 cars with identical gearing, scores, tires, etc, but one made 100hp vs 500hp. In theory, they both should be traveling the same speed at 3k rom for example. But the 100hp one doesn't have the power available to overcome the grip of the tires where the other 500hp one breaks them free and spins the tires non stop.

I'm probably gonna weld a different intake together, but for today I was wondering if just removing it would increase my pump loading a bit and let it hook up better. I'm not worried about ropes and debris right now. I'm just looking at on water/at the lake solutions or tricks to help a bit for now.

Lastly- what are your opinions on trim position? I'm looking for the best trim position for tricks and fast recovery. I might change the rod position so that it trims one direction further if it's useful.

Thanks for the thoughts in advance