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    2001 XLT 1200 carb settings with D plate.

    I have gone cross eyed from reading all the treads regarding carb settings.
    I have an XLT 1200 that has been stored for 8 years.
    Miraculously it started after fresh gas and much cranking.
    It does not run right however. Starting is hard which is common I understand.
    It bogs down and sputters around 3000 RPM.
    I figure I would start by rebuilding the carbs, changing old lines and replace filters.
    I have a D plate I would like to install and have wave eater clips.
    I would like to keep everything else stock. Decided against primer kit. I will clean and adjust choke see if that helps.
    My question is what settings should I use for the carbs with the D plate?
    If I install a primer kit can I leave the choke plate in place?
    I know fine tuning might be necessary but the carbs as we all know are impossible to get to. So far I have not seen any tips as to how to adjust anything without taking half the boat apart. Would like to get it somewhat right the first time.
    would appreciate any input.
    Thanks much

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    We have a 1200R. We did the recipe with chokes intact and installed a primer. We rarely use the primer, but after sitting for a few weeks, pump primer twice with chokes on and she fires right up.

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    Use the recipe as stated by OsideBill. Turns out right every time. If you're leaving chokes intact....110 pilots, 120 mains, 1.5 needle and seat, 95 gram spring, do the drilled return mod with a 95 pilot jet in the end of the nipple. Be sure and remove the limiter caps so you can get to the mixture screws. You can get t handle adjusters, but its not required. 1 turn out on the lows, 1.5 turns out on the highs. Defeat the accel pump by turning the cam around backwards.

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