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    Vicious Rumors & Vile Gossip: Is The 2022 Ultra 310X Kawasaki’s Ultimate JetSki?

    We at The Watercraft Journal have ventured out on limb more than once, particularly when it comes to predicting the moves within Kawasaki USA. Unlike Yamaha Motor Corp. and Sea-Doo, Kawasaki’s internal corporate culture is a little harder to pin down. Over the years, we’ve received a variety of leaked pictures, memos and legal documents that have ranged the spectrum. The truth is often found somewhere in between, and we’ve had to navigate stormy waters with caution before.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    It is looking good for sure. I have to say, I really would like neutral. To be able to run the engine in the water without it moving would be good. I haven't personally had much need for a brake because I generally ride in the ocean, but of course this would be a welcome addition more generally.

    I can understand why they have no need to update the engine since it already has more power than the competition, but the hoon in me really wishes they would do it anyway. Another 10 or 20 hp and the associated gains in throttle response and efficiency that come from nearly a decade of ECU advances would be nice. Wouldn't hurt to throw some forged pistons in them either, since they can probably push the price up a bit without effecting sales.

    It would be a good move if they do update the dash, it is a cost effective upgrade that I am sure would help sell the skis.

    Do you think they will look much better with the new deck? I kinda like the look of them as they are now, vaguely Orca-ish.

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