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Thread: 93 xp carb help

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    93 xp carb help

    i need some help on how to get to the filters in the carb so i can buy new ones or clean that exsiting ones\
    i would greatly appriciate your help

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    you are going to have to pull the intake off to get to the carbs. here's a pic of the intake off of my 93xp. once you have the flame arrester box off and the filter housing off there are only 4 bolts holding the intake on. you will need to remove the fuel lines and oil line from the oil tank.
    now you will have to remove each carb from the manifold this is done by removing the 2 nuts from the base of the carbs you can see one of the nuts on the right carb behing the linkage.
    after you get the carbs off you will have to take one of the ends off the carb this is done by taking the 4 phillips head screws out of the fuel intaks side of the carbs, If memory serves me correctly it's the right side of the carbs (in the pic).
    now heres a pic of the little P.O.S. filter....

    it's the little round black tube looking thingy at the top of the pic inside of the "o" ring the middle part of the gasket has a srtaight line that points right to itnot the rusty circle in the middle. you will probably have to pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers.
    you can clean the filters with carb cleaner. I would go ahead and rebuild them while you have them out.
    hope the pics help

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