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    Polaris Parts

    New to this forum so i hope this is in the right place, I'm completely restoring 2 1992 polaris sl and need some parts, To start with i need a fuel tank, If anyone can help i would gratefully appreciate any help you can provide.
    Thanks The SNAKE

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    I patrol my FB market places and look for donors pretty cheap. So far I've lucked out. Otherwise check eBay or google. I've found this forum is better for advice and tips more than parts but there is a sale section you can check or post on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan_Riot View Post
    this forum there is a sale section you can check or post on!
    The GH Classifieds section is restricted to members that have a posting history.

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    Ahh I didn't know that! I guess I'd already been posting and talking on the forum before I'd ever looked for parts

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    It would help others if we knew your location.

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