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    Polaris SLT pump stator orientation

    I have just finished replacing the bearings and seals in the jet pump. When I started to reinstall it, I noticed that the aft end of the stator is tapered (thicker on one side). It appears to fit with either the thick edge or the thinner edge at the top or bottom. I donít want bolt it back together on a 50/50 chance of being wrong/right.

    Which way does it go?

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    There is a pump wedge on the back end of most Polaris stators. The wedge is a separate part but corrosion can make it seem bonded to the stator.

    In all cases * the thickest portion of the wedge goes to the bottom.

    The idea is to angle the water flow slightly upwards, which effectively forces the rear of the hull down and thereby lifts the bow, which reduces hull drag and increases top speed.

    * There was an oddball 780 model that had what is known as a twisted wedge. The twist was supposed to reduce a hull side-tracking effect and make the hull steer straight. The common upgrade was/is to install a six vane stainless steel stator and a normal pump wedge rather than the twisted wedge.

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