Hello,I just joined this site, but have been a long-time viewer of all of the great info on here. I recently picked up a 2004 Honda Aquatrax F12X that had milky oil (I know, I must be crazy). Anywho, after pulling the exhaust manifold and pressure checking it, it looks good. I pulled the macboost intercooler to find a leak from the water side into the air side, and then did a leakdown check to find cylinder 4 with 22% leakdown into the crankcase. After pulling the engine apart, I know why: the #4 piston and cylinder are scored badly. It's enough that it cannot be simply honed and repaired with a new standard size piston and rings. I'm guessing the water found its way into that cylinder and washed the oil off of the cylinder walls, causing the extreme wear.With that said, I am going crazy trying to find the parts needed to fix up this engine. Honda does not have enough oversize pistons in the US to fix the motor (and no idea how long backorder would even take), SBT doesn't make oversize pistons, and custom pistons are going to take 10 weeks+ and be crazy expensive. Can anyone help me to find options for an oversize piston that's actually available, or a good used crankcase? I see a few on ebay, but all of them appear to have some level of cylinder scoring.I'd love to find 0.5mm oversize pistons, have this block bored over, and put her back together this season, but my hopes of that are quickly fading. If anyone has ideas, or parts that will help, please let me know. I'm all ears!