Ok guys bear with me hereÖ

First post here but Iíve followed the site for a long time.

Im running a 97 zxi 1100 ( semi built but getting there) pump rebuilt, solas 13/19, Worx intake grate, Worx sponsons, timing advance, TDR waterbox, freshly rebuilt cdk2ís, waiting on my Ada high compression head and domes to come in currently. While Iím waiting the two week time frame theyíre outÖ I want to ride.

Today I just installed my new Blowsion carb adapter plates and tornado filters with outerwears.

fires right up, idles rough ( knowing itís getting way more air).. but I know with the aftermarket filters Iím going to need some adjustment. Will I need to swap springs for a pop off adjustment running the filters? Or will I be able to tune it using the high/low screws? Iím being told two different things by multiple peopleÖ some more insight would be greatly appreciated.