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    Water leak when throttled

    Warning. I am a complete noob but willing to learn. Iíve read many posts but couldnít find my specific leak. Probably because I donít even know what the parts are called. lol

    2003 msx 140.

    Water leaks when I pull the throttle. The leak is on the left hand side if youíre sitting on the ski. I can see the leak when I pull the throttle. It seems to be directly under a big piece of metal with 4 bolts on the top and above a big plastic tube. The plastic tube has a rubber fitting on both sides.

    I know my info is pretty terrible so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    This web link will help get your oriented.


    From there you can find the Polaris Industries parts web site, with parts diagrams, part names and part numbers.

    You can also post photos here to help us understand what you are asking about.

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    That was a big help. Thanks! I believe there’s a little inlet on the side of the exhaust manifold. I pointed to where the leak happens when throttled in my picture.

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    The exhaust manifold, part number 1261220, does not have any kind of inlet or port where your arrow is pointing. It does contain a water jacket for cooling, so there is cooling water flowing through it. There are a series of mounting bolts that fasten the manifold to the engine block in that area. A little farther to the rear, there is a port for a temperature sensor.

    You either have a cracked exhaust manifold, or possibly a leak between your manifold and exhaust pipe, or manifold and engine block, it's really hard to tell from your sketch.

    See if you can better determine exactly where the water is leaking from. It's cramped in there so it can be hard to see. A mirror or inspection camera may be of help.

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