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    Does anybody have a bored out Throttle Body on the SC's

    Just wondering if there are gains there? or is this going to mess up the ECU or something. Any opinions from the RXP gods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow4 View Post
    Just wondering if there are gains there? or is this going to mess up the ECU or something. Any opinions from the RXP gods?
    are you the one with the o/s rear scalped hull yellow?

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    unless you have someone that is a throttle body guru with exceptional machine skills, don't bother... it can cause problems if you have a aftermarket ECU that is not BUDS compatible at the dealer.

    when they pull the butterfly and shaft and bore it out, they cut a new butterfly. the butterfly can't be cut totally circular and round bc the TB doesn't close 100% perpendicularly 90 degrees. it's at a slight angle stock, but still very well cut and sealed for proper idle.

    so they bore it, they cut it, then they start playing with the stop screw to make the buterfly seal nicely... except in our application it's not just a walk in the park to reset the TPS like they want you to believe.

    it's possible... yes... i have a bored throttle body on my ski... but even mine was not done 100% correctly. i showed mine to another throttle body guy and he said yea, that's f'd up send that to me and let me fix it.. i explained i can't change my TPS at all, the butterfly must stay exactly where it is so it's gonna be egg shaped slightly for optimal fit, and he was like na na, jsut reset the TPS.... after i heard that, i never send it to him.

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    jet ski bill, yes working on getting insurance to cover, adjuster is coming out soon to look at the damage. One of my friends works for a fiberglass shop, said that damage to be 1500 - 2000 dollars.

    There offshore racing boats and other boats have been featured in some magazines. I think this would be a trustworthy place hopefully.

    BTW, I appreciate your writing me back about what to do with the ski before it goes in the shop. Thanks again for the information!

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    Gotcha Shibby, so it is not as simple as a bore job. Sounds like someone has to just fabricate an entirely new throttle body that will flow more cfm with a good seal. May somewhere that may be in the works. Probably have to mess with the ECU it sounds like. I am no expert, just lookin for more performance.

    Whatever happened to the good ol days of 69 camaros and carburetors, big blocks and such.

    I'g gonna put a big block in my RXP with triple butterflies sticking out of the hood. Then again that might not float

    Thanks for the info shib

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    Mines done PROPER! Running the stock ECU. Stock intercooler, now even stock injectors with a S3 and a RIVA rear. Going back with the 15/20, the 3 blade is great for jumping,,,but if`n ya wanna smoke some ace,,,the 15/20 will leave `em scratchin their heads. And its all done with a stock ECU.

    Oh yeah,,,I call them ,,"BUTTERCUP" when I`m done. Seems to piss people off. Honda guys like the name,,,go figure.

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