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    2001 xlt 1200 crank

    i am looking for a crank and need it fast, i was interested if any ony knew any thing about the sbt cranks good or bad, i saw that they were cheap and did not know if any problems have come up with them.

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    slow blow technology

    i think their parts are not worth it i have had a ski that had 3 different motors in it and none of them lasted more than 4 hrs the last one they won't repliy to my emails and the last one only lasted not even 15 minutes and i said the hell with them pay for a motor and they wont even stand behind there work witch all three motors have failed so check this out i pull the motor out (which i'm a pro at now )under 15 minutes. find huge hole in the cases and i pull the heads off and find two of the pistons in backwards and one broken rod whats up with that so thats my 2 cents on what i think of SBT i would not recommend them have your crank rebuilt by someone who knows what there doing and build the motor your self just make sure you do a vacuum test and a leak down test and a proper break in and you should be good to go get what you pay for if you think a cheap crank is going to last

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    welcome to the forum

    I would personally stay away from the 66V SBT cranks.

    I would order a new crank from RIVA or crankworks.

    Maybe someone will chime in on a good used crank for sale. These pop up from time to time.

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    ill get in line!
    i have seen a few new sbt 66v cranks fail
    but i have seen many last as well
    if it was mine
    NO SBT its to much work to swap

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    just wondering if any one knew where i could get a good crank fast, besides RIVA

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    Try Island Racing or Crank Works. I have one from Crank Works AZ, beautiful thing.

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    122 will have the cheapest OEM cranks.

    as others have said, you get what you pay for. given that the crank is the "heart" of your motor, don't cheap out.

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