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    MFD red light blinking

    I was just wondering if I'm damaging anything since I completely removed the oil injection system, blocked it off and running pre-mix. I thought I read somewhere that you have to splice in a resistor to fool the MFD that the system is still hooked up, otherwise the engine won't run right. Is this true, because my engine runs fine (out of water). I just disconnected the two wires at the box from the oil injection system and left as is. The redlight on the MFD blinks when I first start up but I just hit the SET button and it goes off but it doesn't appear to effect the engine running. Will it run different in the water??

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    i think that it will still run the same, you just put in a resistor so that it doesnt give you a low oil warning on the MFD. as for the mft blinking at start up, thats normal

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    I believe the 95's didn't have limp mode, therefore it won't affect engine performance. Just the light flash should be the side effect, and you can istall the 33 ohm resistor to fool the MFD if it bothers you. Otherwise you're not hurting anything. Be sure to use 40:1 ratio and you'll be fine.

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    Thanks guyz...I appreciate your feedback!!

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