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    Adrift, no propulsion, no radio

    Lots of mistakes to be learned from here:

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    Indeed, many lessons.

    Perhaps not immediately obvious, the entire fishing rig is not designed to allow the hull to be rolled upside down. All that loose fishing gear, that weird hook pole and even the cooler lid. Turning the hull upside down would be a mess.

    He may have had a knife with him, but it may not have been long enough to reach into the jet pump and cut the rope wrapped around the driveshaft. Cutting a rope out of a jet pump with the hull inverted needs to be done quickly as water will be seeping inside while you are working. And the direction of hull rotation matters, both for inverting and then righting the hull after fixing the problem.

    Here is some of the self-rescue gear we carry.

    We do not carry an epirb as we are not riding in open ocean, but that guy perhaps should.

    Apparently he did not carry an actual anchor and enough rope to anchor in the open water away from the oil rig.

    The actual problems begin just after 9:00 in the video.

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