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    Steer clear of any amazon pistons not in a reputable kit like WSM. If you only need one piston you can use the oem one. I would recommend doing a top end, splitting the cases and replacing the seals since you have the engine torn partially down. Be sure and add waveater clips while the exhaust is off. The 800 is a pain to get to the PV's

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    Just wanted to give an update- I ordered a OE set of rings and a OE piston from Japan. Got it all put back together last Thursday and did a 50 to 1 premix along with new lines and oetiker clamps on the injection system. Ran great and compression showed 135 on the rear after rebuild. I did have a little bit of aluminum material in the cylinder but did the Meuratic acid deal and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the tips. I am looking at a 2008 GP1300R tomorrow to add to the stable.

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    Glad you’re Bach at it!

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