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    Bone stock 8300 turn worth it?

    I have a '21 gtx limited 300 with a scom, catch can, intake grate and pro series sponsons already installed. I don't currently have any plans or desires to add more upgrades to the ski. Is the bone stock 8300 tune worth the expense of a maptuner or should I just stick with a scom? Thanks

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    If you want to keep you warranty and keep the ski semi stock as possible so the dealer does not know that you flash your ecu, I would say no due to the cost of MaptunerX pricing structure vs the power gain.
    Let me explain, MaptunerX bundle with license $899 than you need at least
    Reset History app for $75 so you can reset the history so the dealer does not know that you are reprogramming the ecu. And if you want to add a key to you ski you might as well buy the Home service app $229.
    I would think it would be a better value for DIY if MaptunerX included the Home service app in the license as you are locked to one VIN and it is not transferable.

    Option 2 if you dont care about you warranty it is far better value.
    You can send you ECU $500 -700

    My opinion the SCOM is the best value for money 68mph to 75mph for $199
    Riva Stage 1 SCOM power filter $684 68mph to 76mph

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