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    Question 951 running issues

    I have a '98 xpl, it has a broken-in sbt engine. This is my issue-- I will run great through out the rpm's fine, but when I hold the throttle down for top speed it hits 50 mph and will go not faster and then momentarily die the tach bounces up to 6500 rpms then settles back down to around 6100 rpms

    I know when I picked up the boat from the mechanic he said that one of my cylinders choke cable was not connected (do not know if this has anything to do with it)

    Thank you for your help
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    yes, fix that choke cable. The butterfly is probably almost closed if not closed and its causing your motor to choke down. We had this problem with a RX. Idled fine, got up to 4000 rpms fine, then when I opened it up, at 5500 rpms it would just fall flat on its face. Yours may be partially closed, I'd check that, its easy to check. If it is broke, fix it. He should have done this for you before putting it all back together. Slackass is what he is.

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