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    2007 STX Fuel Pump Issue

    Bought the ski last December. Have been running it on the hose for months working out a drive line issue. Got it on the water this weekend and it ran great for about 30 minutes then completely died at WOT. It would spin over and start for a few seconds and die. Towed it back in and started troubleshooting yesterday. Here are the steps I've taken.

    Turned over engine - Fuel Pump did not engage - No pressure to the fuel rail or out of the fuel lines
    Tested power connector to pump and had 12.8 volts at the plug for three seconds upon hitting the start button - tested multiple times and got same voltage every time
    Pulled Pump - Filter, Fuel, and Tank are all clean
    Applied 12 volts to the pump out of the ski and the pump worked
    Put Pump back into the ski and it worked twice for 3 seconds each time when hitting the start button and then quit again
    Tested the connector for voltage. Had 12.8 volts at the plug for three seconds upon hitting the start button - tested multiple times
    Pulled the pump. Applied 12 volts. Pump did not work.
    Disassembled the pump assembly and applied 12 volts directly to the pump itself and it worked.

    I'm stumped at this point. Most DC electric motors just fail. This one seems intermittent. It could be the connector at the top of the pump I suppose but it's testing good with continuity tester. Anyone seen this scenario before? Suggestions?

    Wondering two things. Which replacement pump are most going with and is there an aftermarket replacement part for the connector on top of the assembly? I've seen the $600 option for a Kawi brand replacement and I'm not crazy about that.

    Also if someone has a part number for the tank filter. That would be helpful.

    Appreciate any help you guys can give.

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    For what it's worth...
    One the other Kawasaki forums here, if you search, you'll find a thread or two that point you to an after market pump... I bought a ski that hasn't been in the water since 2013. Fuel pump was fried. I bought the after market pump, installed it. No luck. Still not getting fuel. I'm not a mechanic... I don't mind turrning wrenches, but I get anxiety trying to figure stuff out...
    I got on eBay and bought a used OEM pump for $150. It looks brand new. I installed it, cranked it up and it runs like a top. The after market pump cost $80. The extra$70 for an OEM pump, to me, is well worth it.

    Like I said, I'm not a mechanic. Maybe I did something funky when hooking up the after market pump. I could hear it working, but it didn't pump gas to the fuel rail. The OEM got me on the water.

    Just my experience. Good luck


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