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    Plug Reads and Oil Question

    Ok guys, I now have about 6 hours on my Virage (700 carb) since I got it runnung right. I have been pulling the plugs and checking the compression about every three hours (I guess I am a little paraniod). Compression reamins at 150+ on both cylinders. Here are a couple of pics of one of the plugs (they both look identical).

    These look alright don't they? This is not a WOT plug chop so I am wondering is this a very good indicator of the tunning of my engine?

    Also, I am pre-mixing and messed up and mixed it at 32-1 on the last tank of gas. It seemed to run ok and didn't foul the plugs so I am wondering if it would be ok to keep running it at 32-1? Maybe a little insurance?

    One last question: I have been using Polaris synthetic blend oil. Its is around $30 a gallon from my dealer. Is there a less-expensive alternative?

    Thanks guys!
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    You can use the AMSOIL and save quite a bit of $. Interceptor Oil

    Or the HP Injector Oil

    Prices listed are Retail. Preferred customer pricing is about 30% less.
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    Is that chunks of carbon on the plugs? If so, you are running waaayyy too much oil.

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    I'd do the plug chops at WOT to get an acurate reading and 40:1 is wayyy more than enough oil to keep you safe.

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    Ok! I will back the oil down to 40:1. I guess I can get a little over cautious some. When I do a WOT chop this is what I want the plugs to look like right?

    We are going riding this weekend if it doesn't rain so I will see what they look like at 40:1.

    Thanks for the info.

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