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    looking for a CCS chopper city waterbox for a 1997 sl1050 and more

    New member, I looked for a classified section but could not find. I'm restoring a 1997 sl1050. It would be great if I could find a ccs or hotseat water box. Not to sure about the tdr boxes I have seen but open to any advise. I don't want it to loud. I have been out of the pwc world for about 20 years moving on to big boats in my late 20's. My first pwc was a 1993 sl650 then a 1995 sl750. Then I went domestic and bought a 1997 sl900, A new 1999 slx1050, then a new 2000 slx1200. I spent lots of time on these in the mid 90's and early 2000's when everyone and their brother had one. A good race back then was the ultra 150 or gp1200r. My 2000 slx1200 had all ccs (chopper city sports) stuff and was a rocket. No problem on flater water with anything of the era. I recently bought a 2000 genesis carb to play around on at the cabin. It has lower hours. (120) I bought it from the original owner. It needed the lr505 module to start without pushing the bilge pump button. I found a new oem polaris module. The genesis sat for a couple years so I checked compression, rebuilt the carbs, ran all new gates barricade low permeation fuel line, emptied the old fuel, checked in tank pick up, checked pump bearings, ect. It runs great. So now I got the bug a little and bought a 1995 sl750, 1996 slx780, and a 1997 sl1050. They all need some work but I want to restore the 1997 sl1050 first. Got the engine out, going next size over full crank up rebuild. I bought a set of 1999 slx1050 pump carbs already and still have a new nujet pl-a7.0 impeller going in. I have a set of ccs 1050 heads for premium as well but I don't trust todays fuel. I would also be interested in a top loader but not to aggressive grate. I want more top speed then rough water hookup. I'm board with my Yamaha xr1800 and big boat. Time for some youth re-livin, lol. Anyway thanks for any info or leads.

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    While you were away we assembled this collection of useful info.


    Personally I am not a fan of louder PWC exhaust, especially since most of the ‘improvement’ is just more noise rather than more power.

    Lots of marine areas are now restricted for PWC use and part of the reason has been from the historical noise and nuisance memories of long time waterfront property owners and boaters. Modern PWC are so much quieter and no longer have the 2-stroke exhaust smoke that was so common two decades ago.

    The oily exhaust pollution, especially with pre-mixed oil in the fuel, can be minimized by utilizing the factory variable rate oil pump system that your Polaris PWC came with. I like the Legend ZX2R oil, which is very clean burning and provides excellent internal engine lubrication.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Not much available for performance parts any more. You might find something on Ebay or Fakebook if you do that.

    Otherwise post a wanted to buy ad and search the parts classifieds on here and PWCturday.

    I haven't seen any CCS stuff in a long time.

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    Thanks for the advise. I still cant find the classified section. lol

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    The best thing you can do with a waterbox is to leave it stock and add a jetworks valve that restricts how much water goes into the waterbox and stops water from entering when you're not on the throttle. But you have to calibrate it so it doesn't get too hot and burn up your exhaust hoses.

    Waterboxes are meant to restrict a little bit to prevent sound from being too loud. But on a jet ski water is dumped into it, so when you hit the throttle the engine has to push the water out of the exhaust system. Aftermarket waterboxes try and fix this by reducing the baffles in the waterbox to let water and air flow better. Or you can just reduce how much water goes into the waterbox so there's less to push out. I leave all my waterboxes stock and reduce, I did it with my 650 Superjet, 750 SXI, and one of my Pro 785s.

    It makes a decent difference in performance, especially when hitting the throttle coming off of idle, and it doesn't change the sound of the boat too much. I actually prefer the sound of a dried out waterbox to an aftermarket. Aftermarket usually makes it sound like a chainsaw but modified stock makes it sound just a little louder and deeper.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. I definitely understand about noise. I'm from Michigan where everyone has a snowmobile and some think they are snow cross racers with the noisiest exhaust can that they can find. It has closed many connecting trails that go through private land. That and staying on the trail when crossing home owner land is a big issue here. I have a 300hp 998 Cat turbo snowmobile on pump premium. I can run up to 350hp on my race gas map. Have 2 strokes as well. Anyway the CCS box was much quitier then the rest and did add some snap down low. If I cant find one I will be fine without. I run Klotz in everything. I don't understand why people premix. The mechanical mikuni oil pumps usually don't fail and if they do it's generally going to fail open 99% of the time. All oil lines just need to be inspected a couple times a year. Dumping 50-1 or 40-1 in the water at all throttle positions is crazy. I'm trying to turn this 1997 1050 into a 1999 spec engine. The 1997 has a lower compression center head. It looks like the 1999 uses that same lower compression dome in all 3 cylinders. The other thing that I see is the exhaust manifold on the 1999 1050 is different. I also bought a 1200 injected stator cover with the water jacket. I think I may run with out the t-stat or I would love any recommendations for better cooling. Will the updated 1200 water rail fit the 1050? Thanks for any info.

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