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    probably our last nice day here in Michigan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    That's pretty good speed for a 1050..
    It really does pull good on top. I very easily walked a non valve gp1200 (1997?) and a pv xl1200 (2002?) today. Guys both were talking smack about our fleet of Polaris machines that pulled up to the beach. (They were ok just some usual shit talk back and forth) We all left together. The old non pv gp1200 was a little faster then the xl1200 and I was a lot faster then both. All smooth water so I was good. The xl1200 just snuck past my wife on her genesis. I'm going to try a nujet 7.0 on her genesis next. it runs about 55.5 gps about any time with just her on it. It pulls 6750 about all the time as well so should be ok for 1-2 more mph I would think. Just not ok for more then 2 people I would guess. Her genesis is a 2000. I think Polaris changed the factory ride plate in 2002? I have herd the newer genesis ride plate is faster. If you have any info on that I would love to know. Another great day on these old 2 strokes on probably our last nice day here in Michigan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slx12001 View Post
    Her genesis is a 2000.

    I think
    Polaris changed the factory ride plate in 2002?
    I have heard the newer genesis ride plate is faster. ...
    You can cross check factory part numbers on the various model years using the Polaris Industries parts diagram web site. If the part number is the same then the part did not change between those years.

    Polaris link can be found via this web link.
    Lots of other useful info in there.

    I do not recall more than one version of the Genesis ride plate. I have not checked with the Polaris parts web site.

    Changing the pump wedge to add one or two more degrees of bow lift might gain a bit of speed.

    The 1999 Genesis impeller was considered the ‘go-to’ impeller. Part number ending with ‘2222’ IIRC.

    Unlike many of the other Polaris models there is almost no aftermarket parts that were made specifically for Genesis. The factory intake grate is unique to Genesis.

    The 1200 engine is common across all models, but Polaris did revise the exhaust manifold (log style) circa 2002/2003? to correct a problem on the Ficht Genesis engines which caused piston burn under some operating conditions (PTO piston I think it was).

    They added a lip inside the manifold entry ports to better direct the exhaust flow towards the log manifold exit. You can see the part number change if you compare 2004 with say 2000 1200 Genesis Ficht engine. I forget whether the Genesis carb engines also got the revised exhaust manifold.

    If you are willing to fuel with higher octane gasoline you can have the Genesis CDI re-programmed with a more aggressive ignition timing curve, which will provide more acceleration pull and perhaps a bit more top speed.

    All the red carb engines with Gen III ignition can be re-programmed. How much gain can be had depends on which ignition curve is in the CDI from the factory, and which octane gasoline you are able to use.

    Slightly higher compression also benefits the red engines, but the changes must be done carefully to maintain an adequate squish zone above the pistons. Lots of hot-rodding tweaks are possible if you want to go that route.

    Less warm weather means less other boat traffic and sometimes really smooth water conditions. Just need to dress for the temperatures, air and water.

    We wear wet suits for the moderate temp days and dry suits for the colder temps.
    This photo was taken in April 2021, well north of Toronto.

    For carburetor engines you may need to tweak the carb fuel adjustments to match the denser cold air, but you may well see faster speeds than during the summer.

    My Polaris all had Ficht engines so they automatically compensated for air and water temperature changes.

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    Is this what you are looking for?
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    Hello, Yes I sent a contact request. I'm very interested. Thanks.

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