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    Too bad to hear about the supercharger issue.

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    I wonder what the OP, Paul did. He made his last post on 6/13/2021 and hasn't been back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diger700 View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the group and would like to discuss a problem I'm having with my 2021 GP1800r.
    I used the MaptunerX and loaded the stock 8500 tune, I also added the power filter and engine breather. The ski went 80 on GPS, ran great all kinds of power, then I let some random dude ride it and my son noticed he was in the control unit changing the auto trim and what ever else. Ever since the machine runs really fast but, when horsing on it left, right, left, right at full throttle and when running full throttle on water with a slight chop (6" to a foot) the motor while wide open will drop to 4500 rpm and if I hold on it will continue with no power, the second I let off a bit and go back into full throttle, again full power. This will continue to happen. I placed the stock airbox on and stock flash and it still did it at the lake. I took it back to the dealer and we went to a perfectly smooth area on a canal and son of a bitch it would not do it for the mechanic. I have been going down rabbit holes for example the supercharger is failing, fuel pump, RIDE system, traction control, ect. I shut all the computer fancy shit off and locked it. I just want it to rip as it did at first. Please offer suggestions. I have a side note, I have a 2020 GP1800r SVHO set up identically and it is flawless goes 79, full power with out missing a beat every second. Also same fuel, same oil (yamalube) new plugs. My 16 year old son rides the new one and said to me "dad if I was in a race and my machine did this, I lose the race" Please Help us out.


    even with a completely failed supercharger clutch your engine will run more than 4500 RPM. I think your issue is electrical. Dealer hooked up to YDS and check for codes?

    also, you need to be running the Stage 1 plus tune with those mods, not the stock 8500 tune.

    lastly, have you tried changing the spark plugs?

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    I have ordered GP1800R SVHO arrives March I am in UK currently have Yamaha FX SVHO with Stage 1 MAP ribbon delete solas prop ect runs great no issues.
    I was in Yamaha dealer other day and they advised Yamaha wont warranty any clutch issues if I map new Ski which i find odd as i only want to do the stage 1. He said there has been issues with clutch and ski's mapped. I googled clutch issues for GP1800R and this came up. Yamaha dealer over hear must have had new ski's with clutch issues or they wouldn't have mentioned about warranty being void. Be interesting to see how these clutches pan out!

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