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    Polaris Pro 785?

    Hey guys i was just about to buy a mint polaris pro 785 and backed out at the last minute. Was just wondering what you guys think of this boat and how easily you can still get parts if something goes wrong with it...Rebuild kits and electrical...Really lookin forward to your guys responses.

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    Parts are easy to get. Why did you back out? How much$$. The 785 is one of the fastest boats ever made for its time.
    Oh ya Welcome to the Hulk...

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    rider, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    The PRO is a great boat if properly cared for, that's not a problem with the guys here.

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    yeah well i have always been riding and building polaris sleds and i knew that they stopped their line of watercrafts so i didnt know how readily availible there parts are. It was a 97 with UMI steering, bars, and throttle; Beach House sponsons, Watcon Drop Nozzle, and a Skat-Trak Six vein magnum pump. All it needed was a rebuild which is no problem for me but i dont know where to get parts. if i do get one where is the best place to get all the parts i need?

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    Where is it located?

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