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    99 ultra 150 engine swap

    Hey guys I'm a new member and I have really been wanting to resurrect my ultra 150. I need a new engine for it and while I'm going through the trouble I was wo sueing if theres any better engines that are compatible that I could throw in it. Also when I'm looking for the 99 150 engine is there a way to tell if it's the motor that was better with the more aggressive timing or the later model that a bit more tame. Thanks guys.

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    Welcome aboard, Marcus!

    The only engine conversion I've seen is the 1500 cc 4-stroke used in the STX/LX. It's not an easy job.

    I would not go with the early ignitor. The performance difference is negligible, and the risk of burning up an engine is much greater. I have an early ignitor if you really want one. Hull number 41803 and below had the advanced timing. The engines are all the same, except for the starter mounting pad.

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