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    Side Bumper Trim

    On My 04 Rxp It's Green, I Want To Clean It Up And Make It Black, Other Than Going To The Dealer, Has Anyone Found This Material From An Automotive Parts Store? Or Do I Go To The Dealer With A Bag Of Money?

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    or you could order it online from any number of OE microphishe (sp?).

    I think guys are using the rail inserts from GTI......there is a part number posted somewhere. Run a search....I've read it before, and I'm pretty sure it was here.

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    Part # Discrip price qty total

    204050279 TRIM-BUMPER/REAR $12.79 1 $12.79

    204050271 TRIM-BUMP.SIDE $20.79 2 $41.58

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    Clayton, I was looking for the same and was going to order the OEM ones you listed.
    I'm living in South Africa and BRP will charge the following for the same rails here:
    62.-$ for the rear
    90.-$ for each side
    that sh..t drives me mad!!
    I just pulled the green inserts out and left it like that. You can see the rivets now but it looks kind of cool.

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