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    must vent...

    Well my dealer saga continues, I thought I had a spark of hope in that the dealer was going to warranty parts for me, and at first they did, but apparantly their is some serious incompetence going on there. I had them order me a battery tray, bilge pump, and the oil separator pump since my blown ceramic clutch slightly damaged it. After a couple weeks I finally got 2 of the 3 parts of the oil pump I needed, the last one came a few days later with the bilge pump, turns out the bilge pump and the last part of the oil pump were not the correct parts.

    I informed dealer of this and then I was nice enough to provide the correct part #'s since I looked it up myself, they insist the parts they provided were correct and are now basically telling me im an idiot and have to now bring all the parts in to show them before they will order the correct parts. I told them to just order the #'s I provided and if they cant warranty them (they were now acting as if they didnt want to warranty anything else for me) fine I will pay but I would like to get my oil pump back together right sometime this year. Coincidentally still no battery tray, and that was the first thing I ever told them about about a month or so ago. And the bilge pump they gave me was not only the wrong part it was almost 4 times the size of the one in the boats, and not even a sea-doo part #.

    The other bad thing is that they arent exactly nearby so for me to make a special trip just to prove to them I am not fabricating a story about the parts is really going to piss me off. It scares me that I know more about the correct parts than the service dept of my dealership.

    They are saying they use Sea-Doo's bossweb system to order parts, apparantly its dealer only and I cannot access it, but I have absolute faith in the part #'s I found since the site I found them on had full schematics. I would really like to see this bossweb site and what it is they are looking at since so far they have been wrong on almost every part #, I cant imagine how on earth they are servicing these machines when they cant even get the right parts for it.

    I am an amicable person and very patient, but I must say my patience is wearing thin at this point. The kids running the service dept at my dealership were at least being friendly before (while also being grossly incompetent) but now they arent being friendly (while STILL being grossly incompetent), and its becoming super frustrating.

    Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this off my chest.

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    I am no lawyer, but..... maybe you should talk to one. From what I've read by your posts you certainly have had more than your share of problems with this boat. Way more than I feel is reasonable from a new boat. Many states have "lemon" laws designed to protect the consumer from shoddy automobiles. I don't see any reason why that couldn't apply to boats. Perhaps you might see some satisfaction if you went that route. If you have a law like that where you live, and it if it could be applied to your situation, then maybe you could force Sea-Doo to acknowledge their issues and offer a solution. Again, I'm not a lawyer but it sure seems like you got the shaft on with your boat.

    How about it, any lawyers out there have a thought on this subject????

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    Most "lemon laws" are restricted in time to as long as thirty days and as short as three, depending upon the nature of the vehicle purchased (new/used).
    With new vehicles, the best recourse can be a claim of breach of warranty - either express or being the terms of whatever warranty contract you may have received, and implied being the theory that whenever you purchase a new vehicle, it is inherently implied that it will be free of defects for a reasonable period of time.

    An issue that may arise for you (sorry, I have not followed all the details of your saga) is that, unless the dealership exclusively performed the work on your boat, they may claim that your efforts at self repair are a substantially contributing factor to your problems. No doubt you know more than the idiots behind the counter there and are more adept than the screw-ups slinging grease and wrench-ripping, but legally this at the least muddies the waters.

    A good all-purpose claim is negligent infliction of emotional distress, and coupled with breach of warranty will get some serious attention and get your saga in front of a judge and jury. Other claims may also apply, but I just don't recall and am not aware of all your facts & circumstances.

    It is very important that you document your problems and experiences in the most self-serving way possible . . . a great way to sum up your situation in a potentially useful way would be to write the dealership a letter expressing in detail what has happened and why you are demanding particular relief (that they take the boat back or give you another ?) from them. Send a copy to Sea-Doo. Certified, return receipt mail. Their lack of response/denials can be used as evidence against them.

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    CYoung (Chris?) is the lawyer (and I'm not), so his will be a hard act to follow. I have been through the Lemon Law process and can give you my take.

    One of the hallmarks of any state's Lemon Law seems to be: the SAME problem has to be unsuccessfully resolved after THREE attempts to fix it, before you qualify.

    But even if you qualify, let me tell you some of the BS about "Lemon Law". My case involved a car, a Toyota of all things. It was the first MR2 Spyder to hit the US back in 2000 and just stayed in the shop from the get-go. I eventually brought my case to an attorney specializing in Lemon Law who said my case was so airtight, I didn't even need him. Upon showing up for the Lemon Law proceedings, I see the arbitrating "judges" are friends with the car dealership people, because the "judges" are just retired local dealership people themselves. Anyway, I had to speak my case first, then the dealership spoke second, and I was not allowed to rebute anything they said. They just stood there and fabricated the most fantastic lies, such as "I was a professional racecar driver, and raced the car for 500 miles at a time", and also "I had a device that made my car invisible to police". Again, I was not allowed to say "BS!".

    With that type of kangaroo court, of course I lost, and I'm sure the dealership people went out to lunch with the "judges" and had a great time. But the real BS is, even if I had won, I could get my money back MINUS depreciation. I figured out that I actually came out ahead by trading the car in for something else, rather than taking their depreciated value.

    Needless to say, I wouldn't recommend wasting your time with the Lemon Law approach; start building a case to file a "real" lawsuit. A final bit of BS though, some states require that you go through some sort of Lemon Law type arbitration before you are allowed to sue. And they wonder why some people go postal?!?

    I just feel really bad for James; rant as much as you want, you deserve it. You are surely due, after they get you put back together, to have some serious fun with that boat.

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    Well the interesting part is that whatever work I have personally done to the boat has not caused its problems, they were just inherent flaws, all of the fixes I have applied thus far have been successful at preventing further problems related to the flaws, i.e. seats no longer come loose, trim panels that I have reattached will not come loose again.

    The main thing that bothers me is that the boat is simply falling apart, trim panels flying off, seats/grab handles coming off, console coming loose, misc things floating around the engine compartment that have come loose, and all the other little mechanical things like the bilge pump etc. I must have a bad boat because if you guys were experiencing all the things I have I am sure there would be an uprising against Sea-Doo.

    The funny/sad part is that all the friends/people I have talked to about boats seem to agree that boats have alot more problems than cars in general, and typically arent built as well, even the more expensive models.

    I kind of expected the washer thing just not so soon, I knew about it going into the purchase, I just didnt realize how quickly it would happen or how easy it was to prevent. I had a false sense of security in that the boats didnt seem to experience the problem as often, seems I was wrong.

    Good advice cy, if I dont get this resolved soon I will certainly see about mailing some letters out.

    I really really enjoyed the boat the 1st few times I took it out, and was looking forward to a fun summer before the problems got started, although the speaker trim flew off the 1st day, kind of a warning for things to come... Now I am of the feeling that if I take the boat out and it doesnt break or something fly off its a good day, and thats just not right when dealing with a brand new boat.

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    Sea Doo Fun

    Sorry to hear you are having so much grief. Sea Doo is not very responsive to customer issues and basically refer to the dealer. If your
    dealer is less than competent, you are screwed.
    Have you thought of finding a competent dealer and let them deal with
    it? Chasing the parts yourself may still be the quickest way to get boat
    back on the water.
    I would bring in all the parts new and old, sit down at the parts counter
    and get it done. If not back ordered you should be able to get them pretty
    quick. Hope you are up and running for the 4th. You are correct in that
    a new boat should not have the issues you have had. Or the problems
    to correct those issues. As far as legal action, maybe. Once you decided
    to do your own work, the legal option became more touchy.
    I think your original decision to fix the boat yourself is still the best
    route. Maybe order what you need on line, not sure of the costs, but you would be on the water quicker.
    Good Luck !

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